Corporate Commitment

Unip Berhad continues to meet its commitment to its clients.

Research & Development

Strengthening R & D capacities to continue improving on existing designs and packaging in order to develop new innovative designs and packaging for their products.

Equipment and Machinery

Continually upgrade its equipment and machinery to boost efficiency and productivity and at the same time progress on product quality.

New Raw Materials

Diligently seek and test new raw materials to facilitate production of better products and packaging materials.

introduce new products

Continue to diversify and introduce new products to clients.

marketing strategies

Adopt more aggressive marketing strategies; expand into the local and international markets.

Hand-in-hand with Clients

To work hand-in-hand with their clients to secure bigger segments of the market.

Competitive Pricing

Improve efficiency, hence becoming more competitive in pricing.

motivate staff

Continually motivate their staff and personnel to achieve the highest level of commitment and performance.